Skritching toolsQ: Why is skritched wool superior in every way to every other goddamn thing on this green earth?

A: When the Mongolian yak skritchers gently and gigglingly separate the wool from the adorbs yiddle yaks the resulting happiness released from yak and skritcher evens out the all the negative karma of misspelled names on starbucks coffee cups.


Q: How do I care for my skritched yak garment?

A: Skritched yak garments care for you, deeply.

Q: How do your sizes run?

A: We size in hug intensity. If you like a loose fitting garment choose “groin out warm embrace.” If you prefer a snug fit choose “groin-in / blow in my ear / make me write bad checks.”

Q: When do you anticipate shipments to begin?

A: We feel like labels are restrictive. That they limit creativity, growth, and personal expression. Our mission statement opposes labels of all kinds. Unfortunately at this time that includes shipping labels. We regret the inconvenience.